Monday, June 20, 2011

On the Move

I really dislike moving.

That's a bit of an understatement, really.  I hate moving.  The packing, the scrubbing, the boxes full of books that are heavy and awkward to hold and carry.  Then the lugging of the boxes just to do more scrubbing and unpacking.  It just isn't fun at all.

It doesn't help that I have problems packing things up.  My husband can pack 3 boxes in the time it takes me to fill half of one.  I get distracted by all of the interesting things I have, stopping to inspect them, flip through comics and notebooks and examining scraps of paper I have saved.  Then once I have stopped examining them I'm torn between just dumping everything into the box and arranging the inside of the box so that everything fits neatly with as little empty space as possible (to save on having to buy more boxes-despite the fact that this often adds to their weight and awkwardness).

However, moving has its benefits as well.

In the case of the current move?  I am moving from an apartment into a house!  I'll have a yard, with a big back porch, a fire pit and grass and dirt to play in.  In the back yard is possibly the most magnificent and monstrous gardenia I have ever seen - the thing is huge and smells like happiness.

But the best part - the absolutely best thing ever is that for the first time I will have my own studio space!  Yes, that's right - 'Reta's getting a studio!  The basement of the house will be my domain, my sanctum, my own work area where I can escape reality and create art all over the place.

No more heat exhaustion in mom's garage making glass beads all day.  No more drawings rolled up into bundles because there's no room for them to be out.  No more beads and bits of wire all over the living room floor.  No more dismantling my easel that Khris's Grampy made for me.  No more searching through an overcrowded apartment looking for that tube of superglue that could be in one of four rooms I have things scattered in.  No more fear of reconstituting clay because of the crap that will get blown into it by the lawn maintenance crew.  All of my projects and supplies will be in one cool, comfortable, tile floored room!

It's gonna be crazy hectic for the next 10 days (longer, really because my life always is crazy and hectic), but totally worth it.  I can't wait.  :)

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